About Us

Why choose NorthInvest?

NorthInvest is a not-for-profit company, connecting ventures with mentors and investors. Working with major influencers, investors and other key ecosystems in the North, we provide an inclusive, convenient platform that allows access to relevant and passionate investors.

The key to any investment platform is transparency. The platform is a not-for-profit company, incorporated with the sole aim of promoting investment in businesses within the Northern Powerhouse.

There is a nominal brokerage fee per transaction for use of the platform and no other fees.  Once we've covered the costs of our administration, any surplus is distributed to our charities.  The benefits to both parties are simply that investors find great opportunities and those opportunities find great investors.


One platform - a lifetime of funding

Once an investment is registered with the NorthInvest platform, the investment history can be tracked from first round upwards, making follow-on investment simpler and more agile.

What We Do

We help startups by refining their messaging and investor approach. We provide free advice to entrepreneurs on business plans, pitch documents, and growth strategy as well as conversation and feedback on a range of other topics and issues faced by entrepreneurs. We then present them to our early stage funding communities and support investment engagements. Whilst we use tech platforms as an enabler we are a people business, so we’ll start by talking to you and then make useful introductions to likeminded people you’ll enjoy meeting.

We are creating a Northern angel investor family by bringing together a blend of diverse and exceptional individuals and linking them, through a shared belief in the region’s potential, to a strong deal-flow of high-quality, vetted opportunities. We host events for investors to connect with one another and interact with entrepreneurs in a variety of creative formats.

We are building a diverse sector conversation by hosting regular public events we bring together a wide range of sector community members to discuss technical, financial and regional strategy approaches. We actively support and champion diversity in the Tech start-up ecosystem.

Why We Do It

From the LCD screen to Graphene, technical innovation is a key part of the North’s heritage and critical to its future. We want to see the North’s innovators thrive and see access to funding as a key enabler. We enjoy working with innovative and ambitious people who want to change the world for the better.

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