Angel Investors gather to discuss the issues of the day – and also see who’s the fastest ‘NorthInvest star in a reasonably priced car.’!

by Charlotte Scott|4th March 2019

NorthInvest angels have gathered to share ideas, discuss the issues facing the next generation and connect and explore in depth the tech investment opportunities taking shape across the North and beyond.

The dinner acted as an exclusive opportunity to share interest and trade opportunities for becoming involved with some of the hottest tech start-ups the UK has on offer.

Attended by existing NorthInvest angels such as Colin Glass and David Johnston, as well as guest Sir Tim Smit, this event also offered attendees a further challenge – to try and beat the time set by Olympian Alistair Brownlee in ‘Northinvest and aql stars in a reasonably priced race car’.

The challenge was borne out of the investment relationship between NorthInvest founder Prof. Adam Beaumont and Ginetta owner Lawrence Tomlinson. Ginetta is a Leeds based racing and sports car manufacturer, which competes in the global racing arena, including the prestigious Le Mans 24.

Lawrence has built up a stable of racing cars which starts with the g40 – an affordable race car for those wishing to enter track motorsport.  Ginetta has also built the race series to allow g40 owners to compete.

Adam said, “I decided to buy a g40 as a great way to showcase the brands in which I have invested in on the track. Following a previous investor dinner, esteemed Olympian Alistair Brownlee expressed an interest in trying out the motorsport and I thought it would be fun to pitch NorthInvest members against each other in a race around the track.”

After a fun day on the track the dinner saw the big reveal of the race times with Adam finding himself in second place behind Alistair. Although not in attendance at the later dinner, Angel Sarah Jones and investor Ant also posted a good time, with the latter in close competition with his wife Kirsty, with just a fraction of a second recorded between them.

Of course, apart from the fun there was also a serious side to the event with many important issues debated and discussed.

Guest Sir Tim Smit talked about the widely held belief that ‘someone else is dealing with the big issues of today’ when actually there’s no ‘someone else’ and personal responsibility is the only way to ensure we manage the earth’s resources and technological advances sustainably.

Attending entrepreneur Jonathan Straight said, “It was a great evening. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of a group of people who have achieved great things and who share my passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship. This time it was especially Inspiring to hear Sir Tim’s thoughts on where we might all be heading and how collectively we can take control of matters. Not sure I’m getting in Adam’s car though!”

Additionally, investors were given further insights and discussion about previous and future investments and an update on NorthInvest activity.