NorthInvest’s team is growing: Introducing Will Schaffer

by Charlotte Scott|1st November 2017

Our team is witnessing a considerable increase in the quality and quantity of investment opportunities. In order to support these increases and further strengthen our investor network, we have brought on a new team member.

Will Schaffer joined this month from KPMG Leeds’ Corporate Finance team, taking on the position of Investor Relations Manager and Entrepreneur Coach.

What does your role consist of at NorthInvest?

To put it simply, I’m here to provide the resource and framework to help complete more investments. That really centres around two core responsibilities, the first of which is growing and developing relationships with our investor network. I will be getting to know all of our investors, understanding their interests, expected structure, communication style and ensuring that they are seeing all of the qualified opportunities that fit their specifications. Secondly, I will be out meeting and speaking with entrepreneurs on a daily basis –helping them to understand what investors expect and supporting them in crafting their materials and investor approaches.

What’s been the best part of the job so far?

I really enjoy getting to work with entrepreneurs every day. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet. Societies rely on innovation and technology to sustain economic, social, and physical stability at this scale. While I may not have the requisite technical skills to create the next generation of solutions, I can help those that do by supporting access to the resources necessary to achieve their vision. Whether it’s in cyber security, healthcare, finance or any number of other industries, I’m privileged to work with people who are thinking differently, taking risks and shaping new ideas.

Additionally, I have a platform to be an ambassador for the region. I’m an American who landed in Leeds by chance. I’ve been here for more than two years and I’ve really taken to Yorkshire and the North as a whole. It’s a beautiful area with wonderful people, universities and communities. The North is where the industrial revolution really took off and that innovative spirit is stronger than ever. There’s so much opportunity here, and I’m excited to be a part of crafting and spreading the message that the North is a great place to invest and build a world-class business.

NorthInvest’s focuses areas for 2017

We will continue to focus on our sectors of interest: FinTech, HealthTech, Tech for Good, Digital Media and Cyber. We have a number of events planned to connect industry and community leaders with investors and entrepreneurs to help drive the conversation around how the North can be a centre of innovation for these sectors both nationally and globally. First up, we’re bringing together the financial community in Leeds for our #LeedsFintech Summit.

Whilst aiming to primarily engage with northern businesses within our chosen industries, NorthInvest wants to ensure that a strong level of inclusivity and accessibility will always be maintained. As a result, if you’re a business looking for funding outside of these sectors, we’d still love to hear from you.

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