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Digital solutions to automate the tedious parts of jobs, the first product, Digital Docket, uses contactless technology to automate the creation of process documentation, allowing manufacturers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time manufacturing.

Sector: Business Process Automation Software and CyberSecurity

Location: Manchester

Business Overview:

A simple digital solutions to automate the tedious parts of jobs, freeing up workers to do more of what they’re paid to do.

Our first product, Digital Docket uses contactless technology to automate the creation of process documentation, allowing manufacturers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time manufacturing.

Digital Docket is scheduled to launch in January 2019 with the aim of attracting 64 facilities and 640 users by the end of Year 1; break even in the first month of Year 2; and increase our customer base to over 2000 customer facilities and 20’000 monthly active users by year 5, reaching an annual net income of £6.35m.

Third party validation: 

  • Winner of the Rolls Royce Innovation Award
  • Champion of the Digital Catapult Hack & Pitch at the Industry 4.0 Summit (2018)
  • Strong interest from local early stage fund

Funding round request:  £250k for c.20%

Use of funds: Hire sales and development staff to support the final development and launch of Digital Docket in January; as well as support development of the IP portfolio and marketing.

Valuation: £1m pre-money (£1.25m post-money), based on our development stage, valuation of market potential and the value of our filed and granted patents. Two UK patents pending related to main product; three granted US patents related to data transfer and storage.

Key Team members:

  • Dr Joe Handsaker, CEO / Founder – Background in wearable technology and garment manufacture
  • Dr Pete Harding, CTO – Background in data analysis and computer science in a variety of industries
  • Advisory group of industry experts from Rolls Royce, the AMRC, Digital Catapult, and Manufacturers Alliance

Woo Woo Studios

Location: York

Sector: Digital Media
Business Overview:

York based animation production studio

Original IP – “Hattie”, 26 x 11-minute series

Fulfils the ‘strong female lead’ character requirements for pre-school audiences

Meets FS2/KS1 educational requirements

Third party validation:

Broadcast interest from BBC/Cbeebies (UK), Nick Jnr/Milkshake (USA), KiKa (Germany)

Plus, initial contact and interest from CLAN/TVE Spain

Senior level advice and support from NorthInvest Angel, Gareth Healey

Funding round request: £600,000 for 30% Equity
Use of funds: Establishing production studio in York, hiring pre-production and development staff, scripting, production of pre-pilot teaser and initial development to production stage

c£2m (IP valuation of £1.8m), £3m post-money

  • “Hattie” IP valued at £1.8m (wholly owned by Woo Woo Studios LTD)
  • Proprietary animation tool technology
  • Broadcaster interest from ALL initial approaches

Key Team members:

•Martin Povey, CEO – award winning animation director with more than 25 years animation and directing experience in Series, Advertising, Broadcast content & Corporate Film and extensive broadcast and animation industry contacts

  • Daniel Lane, Technical Director – more than 20 years’ experience as a technical director (TD), modeller and senior animator. Library and developmental experience on 6 successful animated television series1 as well as countless broadcast and commercial films
  • Gareth Healey, VC & Advisor – integral since concept stage and will play a continued role as the company develops. Gareth previously owned and ran ‘Gratterpalm’ one of the UK’s largest regional advertising agencies


Sector: Ed-tech
Location: Mancester
Business Overview:

Provide 3D visual learning tools using augmented reality and animation

Multi-language system

E-learning platform with greater engagement

Enhance engagement and academic grades

Third party validation: two month pilot in prestigious Dental Universities in the UK and Europe, traction and focus groups

Funding round request: £150k for c.7-10% equity

Use of funds: Develop further modules to supply to customers, technical advisory support, marketing.


£1.5 to £2.0m

Previous raise of £30k

1 UK patent filed with plans to file in the US

Key Team members:

Chloe Barrett, CEO/Founder - 12+ years in dentistry, education and business

Outsourced account manger and development team