My2be was co-founded by Adam Mitcheson (CEO) and Damien Shiells (CTO) having benefited significantly from mentors in their professional careers. Adam spent 5 successful years in banking with BNY Mellon and Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he participated in the corporate mentor program. Damien co-founded creative marketplace, Twine, and benefited from Mentors as part of the renowned accelerator program, Seedcamp. Friends since school, their shared passion for mentoring inspired them to join forces and found my2be.


my2be was founded with a vision to connect every employee, entrepreneur, and student in the world with a mentor. Following successful pilots with AstraZeneca, Opencast Software, Tech North Advocates and St. Ambrose College, the sector-agnostic platform now boasts over 500 active users. 

my2be simplifies the process of finding a suitable mentoring partner by using a combination of psychographic profiling, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The personalised matching service also includes a user dashboard that facilitates formal meetings or ad hoc ‘virtual coffee’ chats between mentoring partners. The self-service platform also provides tools to manage ongoing mentoring relationships, including goal-setting and meeting management. 


The funds raised by this investment round will go towards further product development, including adoption and integration of a full HR suite.

Founding Board Director of NorthInvest and angel investor, Helen Oldham, who also contributed to the round, said:

‘Global HR and Staffing is a growing $523billion market and platforms like my2be who combine technology with a personal experience to foster meaningful mentoring relationships are very exciting. my2be also showcases the standard of tech start-up born in the North of England, which is an increasingly exciting region for investors.’

Founder of My2Be, Adam Mitcheson, commented:

‘We understand the impact a mentoring relationship can have on individuals at every level of their career – whether as mentors sharing their experience, or young people entering the job market seeking advice. Over 70% of current executives credit mentors for their professional achievements. Mentoring is proven to increase retention by as much as 70%, yet businesses struggle to scale mentoring across their organisations: this is where my2be comes in. We’re excited to begin the next stage of our business growth and are very grateful to NorthInvest and our investors for their support.’

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