NorthInvest Autumn set to propel northern tech start-ups to new heights after a week of events

by Camille Sainsbury|10th September 2018

Not for profit business connector NorthInvest has a vision to create high quality, specially curated, dynamic and impactful events that showcase the full potential of the Northern Powerhouse.

Last week saw Angel Investors and Start-ups developing meaningful networks that tie their passions and interests together at three major NorthInvest events.

‘I won’t have a problem if you aim high and miss, but I’m gonna have a real issue, if you aim low and hit.’

Christina Xu shared with the Women Investors and Founders Group as the inspiration for her international marketing business on Tuesday 4th September.

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 ‘’At NorthInvest we are interested in people, and what makes them tick, nurturing their ideas and motivating them to excel is just one aspect of what we do well.’’

Said Camille Sainsbury, the Marketing and Events Lead for the organisation. “We are attracting and supporting a vibrant network of highly competent and experienced female entrepreneurs and investors who are keen to transform the North’s tech ecosystem. From VR Dentistry, to developing digital construction skills for school children and a global business development for healthy food companies, the ambition and range of attendees of the event has been exceptional”.

Bringing diversity to early stage business funding and tapping into talented business people who are open minded, resilient and believe in the potential of the North is the NorthInvest modus operandi for helping to shape the future of the northern economy. Their activities create the conversations and connections which allow start-ups to leapfrog the mistakes that are commonly made when first starting out. Whether from other entrepreneurs or their growing Angel network which has now reached over 70.

The magic all comes together at NorthInvest pitch events, where five qualified candidates are given the chance to pitch to and have lunch with 10-15 angel investors. Successful candidates receive introductions, advice and investment. The such third pitch event took place last week at Bruntwood Platform. On the roster this time was an anti-infective solution using protein alternative to antigens, an environmentally friendly consumables marketplace, a manufacturing documentations and logistics tracking tool, and a sports marketplace that supports local suppliers while providing customers with a fresh online service. 

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The NorthInvest Angel network is home to some of the smartest, most successful business leaders in the North of England. Most are keen to explore co-investment opportunities and a series of Angel Dinners, the fourth of which took place on Monday 3rd September, have been fantastic in encouraging collaboration, meaningful business connections and shared interests.

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Sarah an active angel investor said after the week’s events;

“I just wanted you to know I’m really enjoying being part of NorthInvest. You have created something very special with a great feel and atmosphere to it”

Howard commented;

“As an investor, I think I have found my mojo again!”

NorthInvest have set themselves an ambitious goal to grow tech business investment in the North and the success of these events is testament to how positive and engaged their networks are. Keep an eye on their Events page for upcoming events right into the New Year and beyond.

If you are interested in joining the NorthInvest network of Angels or are a start-up looking for investment, contact the team via their website.


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