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NorthInvest announces Leeds Fintech Summit – #LeedsFintech

by Jack Culpan|19th October 2017

Following a strong growth of activity from NorthInvest over the last few months, the Northern Powerhouse partnered not-for-profit has released plans for a Fintech Summit hosted at KPMG Leeds, on the morning of the 14th of November, 2017.  

How do we take the wider Leeds Region from being perfectly poised to position itself as the most significant finance innovation hub in the UK to fully occupying the turf?

The Leeds Fintech Summit aims to bring together all the significant leaders in the region to debate and form actions around the creation of a cohesive vision and strategy. The keynote speakers will cover topics across the fintech space, including looking into where the challenges and opportunities are, the effect of innovation on traditional banking and challenger banks, and how Leeds can go about positioning itself as the most significant player in UK fintech.  


Key Objectives:

  • To bring clarity to the upside potential from the development of the fintech sector in the region, and its profile, starting with a shared understanding of the current position.
  • To bring together stakeholders to discuss the potential to design a directional fintech strategy for Leeds and Yorkshire. 


  • Immediate; Buy-in from the key stakeholders to proceed
  • Longer term; Clear actions around who would be consulted, accountable and responsible for delivery ensuring an appropriate share of voice in the process.



08:00 Breakfast and Registration

08:30 Speakers Begin

09:30 Event End



Mark Casci (The Yorkshire Post)

Daniel Rajkumar (White Label Crowdfunding/rebuildingsociety)

Alex Letts (U Account)

Henri Murison (Northern Powerhouse Partnership)

Graham Pearce (KPMG/NorthInvest)

Tom Bridges (Leeds City Council/NorthInvest)