Prof Adam Beaumont

Adam Beaumont

Both a scientist and an electrical engineer, Adam started his career with a PhD in Physical Chemistry and a 3 year stint as Leeds University’s youngest lecturer, before moving into Secure Mobile Communications for the Defence Evaluation Research Agency (an agency of the MoD).

In 1998 Adam formed aql, offering automated domain registration services prior to the internet “boom”. He is a consistent innovator, providing one of the first integrated mobile messaging platforms and in 2006 – allowing businesses to remind their customers via SMS. He was also responsible for the first business mobile WiFi voice service and in 2007, the UK’s main landline messaging hub. Since 2012 he has been responsible for much of the data flowing in and out of Yorkshire!

During his journey, he’s built datacentres, national networks, acquired several companies and has a prolific involvement in technology startups. His current involvements are a wireless operator, a cafe-bar, a software outsourcing business, a child welfare company and a wholesale telecommunications operator. His focus on research and innovation continues to ensure that aql stays at the forefront of UK communications technology.

He’s a patron of the Leeds Community Foundation and a board member of the Leeds Sustainable Development Group – an initiative centred around forward thinking city expansion. Adam has been instrumental in putting Leeds on the “internet map” and has created the main internet hub for Yorkshire within one of his Leeds City Centre datacentres. His work in helping the public understand “how the internet works” and how Leeds has achieved internet independence of London is helping the city become an autonomous digital centre.

Adam is also a founder and board member of IX Leeds – the only mutual, not for profit, internet exchange outside of London – the main internet peering hub for the north. His interest in ‘Big Data’ has also led to the hosting of The Leeds Data Mill platform at aql. The data mill is an aggregation point for organisations, public and private, to share their operational data in order to provide a dashboard for the City and to allow analysis to improve and measure City efficiency. He’s also a board member of Leeds City College and enjoys inspiring young people to make career choices in science and technology.

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