Funding Options

Need help funding your idea?

All of our angels and investors have been where you are.  You may be torn between debt and equity funding. You may be looking for second round investment.

Sound ideas can be accelerated by the right investor/mentor.  If you're an established business sure of your direction of travel, we may be able to unlock other sources of funding.

Fund Aggregation

(Typically £50k - £200m)

NorthInvest will act as the gateway to larger funds from well established institutional investors.  Typically, loans are secured against equity by way of a debenture or similar instrument at rates commensurate with the perceived levels of risk.


(Typically £50k - £1m)

NorthInvest is in the process of constructing a coinvestment fund – aimed at businesses with a focus on job creation in the region.

A great opportunity for angels to maximise the impact of their investment and for business owners to minimise their equity dilution.

Angel Investment

(Typically £0 - £500k)

Angel investment is often a sound choice for first round investment.  Most commonly, investment is provided in return for equity in your company.  Whilst equity is not to be given away lightly in your «baby», finding the right angel can be far more valuable than the cash they bring.  A good angel will mentor and improve your product and business, open their contact book to partners, suppliers, the media and also help you find routes to market.  They can also help with the all-important second round of funding

Many great businesses grow quickly and that often requires a second round investment to allow expansion at the rate that the business needs (first mover advantage).  

Whilst second round investment can be sought from angels, it is also possible to raise funds from larger institutions, often in the form of a loan.