Flight Club

Are you looking to take the leap into angel investing but not sure where to start?  Do you want more knowledge on how to be an effective angel investor?



Flight Club is an educational resource with the purpose of helping prospective business angels to ‘spread their wings and take flight', becoming a more confident, educated and effective angel investor.

This series is delivered jointly with the Newcastle Angel Hub and the UK Business Angels Association. The Newcastle Angel Hub is delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork and is part-funded by ERDF.

Workshops covered in the Flight Club so far

The Fundamentals of Angel Investing
Due Diligence and Preparing to Invest
Introduction to Tax Efficient Investing
Becoming a Lead Investor
Building Angel Syndicates: Pros and Cons

Angel investing is not for the faint-hearted, so with its focus on raising awareness of the key investing metrics and building understanding of what to look for when making an investment, the Flight Club series is an incredibly valuable initiative for those looking to take a leap into the world of investing.

Roderick Beer, MD of the UKBAA

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