NorthInvest Investor Community

We’ve grown our investor community from a small group of exceptional people passionate about the North, to a network of over 186 angels from a broad range of backgrounds. From former GPs, to former founders of creative digital agencies and Olympic medallists, we are united by a desire to help the next generation of tech and digital entrepreneurs thrive and disrupt industries for the better.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community open to all levels of investor, and we’re on a mission to connect visionary and dynamic business people together. In 2018 and 2021 we partnered with the UK British Angels Association to attract experienced female business people into investment, and we’re proud to say the percentage of women in our network is above the national average for investment organisations which remains between 15% to 18%.  This is a number which we're committed to growing even more over time.

Our angel community is the foundation piece of our co-investment network. We make learning and building an angel investment portfolio straightforward by charging no joining fees, and providing the highest quality angel investment education. We are the largest, fastest and most diverse angel network in the North.

Investing with us

Equity Investment (Angel Investors, £5k – £1m)

Eligible start-ups can apply to NorthInvest to share a proposition with our angel investor community for equity investment. Investment-ready start-ups are included in a curated monthly email of deal opportunities and/or pitch event. Angel investors choose to invest on a deal-by-deal basis, at their own discretion. Investment offers and equity share is then discussed between both parties. We don’t charge start-ups for their investment raise. Instead, a 3% success fee plus VAT is payable by the investor(s) in addition to the total amount raised.

 Equity Investment (Co-Funding/syndication)

For more mature companies and large deal sizes, NorthInvest share propositions with regional funds to co-invest in opportunities by leveraging their own investor networks or equity fund. These include Mercia Asset Management, Par Equity, and Newable. Private angel investors can also invest alongside these funds, or form their own syndicate. 


Entrepreneurs supported


Angel Investors


Deals Closed



Tax Relief


SEIS is focused on very early-stage companies, and allows an individual to invest up to £100,000 per tax year and to receive a 50% tax break in return. The investor will also benefit from a capital gains tax exemption on any profits that arise from the sale of shares after three years.


Focuses on medium sized startups. It allows an individual to invest up to £1 million per tax year and to receive a 30% tax break in return. As with SEIS, the investor will also pay no capital gains tax on any profit arising from the sale of the shares after three years.

Flight Club

Want more knowledge on how to be an effective angel investor? 

Flight Club is an educational resource with the purpose of helping prospective business angels to ‘spread their wings and take flight’ becoming a more confident, educated and effective angel investor. Sign up to our educational Flight Club events on Eventbrite.

Investment Process

Become a member

Become a member to access our online portal with investment opportunities, deal updates, private event invitations and more.

Deal facilitation

Attend pitch events, register your interest in deal opportunities and be introduced to the entrepreneur.

Expert guidance

Receive support from NorthInvest in facilitating the deal process and access free resources expert advice through our legal and tax partners.

NorthInvest Angel Membership

  • Access to pitch events/discover opportunities 
  • Range of funding options (invest individually/invest 
  • Exclusive events (dinners, networking, workshops)
  • Expert support – legal, tax etc. (access to partner offers and workshops) 
  • Community of HNWIs across the region (and world!) with passion for ambitious tech ideas
  • Mentoring and NED placement opportunities 
  • Online portal and community area

Disclaimer: Capital at risk. 

Download our welcome guide – NorthInvest Angel Welcome Pack.pdf

 “It has been a pleasure to work with NorthInvest on the investment in BikeZaar. NorthInvest presented us with the opportunity and have offered advice at every stage of the investment process.”

Alistair Brownlee MBE, Olympic Gold Medallist & Angel Investor 


Please note, investors invest at their own discretion. Capital at risk.

Yes. NorthInvest charge a 3% success fee in addition to the total amount raised, invoiced within 30 days of your investment. 

Should you then make a follow-on investment into the same company within 24 months, we charge a 1% success fee plus VAT in addition to the total amount raised. 
Please note, investors invest at their own discretion. Capital at risk.

No. NorthInvest provides free support to start-ups and instead charge the investors a 3% success fee plus VAT in addition to the total amount raised. 

E.g. If your start-up raised £100k from NorthInvest angels, we would charge them £103k, and you would keep the £100k raised. Pretty good, right?

Every proposition is different. Some applicants will have their SEIS/EIS assurance in place, a polished pitch deck, external investors committed and a validated business plan. These applicants can expect to pitch 1 – 2 months after their application.

It can then take an average of 6 months to complete a fundraise. Once investors are involved, you also need to be prepared to manage those ongoing relationships.

For applicants who need some more work, our Entrepreneur Coaches will help you prepare for up to 4 months, or introduce you to one of our partners who specialises in investment readiness and business support for early stage start-ups. 

You need to be sure that angel investing is right for your business and explore all other options available, such as grant funding or small business loans.

We host monthly virtual pitch events with the Innovation SuperNetwork for tech and digital start-ups. We can also support female-led businesses of other sectors through our quarterly virtual pitch events at Fund Her North with GC Angels.

We cannot guarantee a place at a pitch event or investment. Investors invest at their own discretion.

We have an angel network of over 160 private investors and 15 representatives from funding partners. On average, 25 investors and funders will attend our monthly pitch events with the Innovation SuperNetwork. Our corporate partners are also invited to attend. These individuals can offer expert advice around tax, legal aspects of the deal process, and more. 

Your proposition will be shared with our whole investor network, however, so angels who can’t attend the pitch event won’t miss out – and neither will you!