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Flight Club – The Upside, the Risks and Diversifying your Investment

7 June 2023 , 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Following the success of Angel Investor workshops hosted last year NorthInvest is excited to launch Flight Club, an educational resource with the purpose of helping prospective business angels to ‘spread their wings and take flight’, becoming a more confident and educated angel investor.

Delivered jointly with the Newcastle Angel Hub and UKBAA, a revised programme of events will take place throughout 2023 providing a meeting place for new investors to learn from and meet experienced investors, thus helping us to onboard new angels from across the UK.

The upsides, the risks and diversifying your investment will take place on Wednesday 7th June, 1pm-2:30pm.

In this event we will discuss the positive aspects of Angel Investing, the risks that can be associated and ways in which you can diversify your investments.