Tech for good

'The UK technology sector grew 2.6 times faster than the UK economy as a whole last year, new figures show. One of the biggest growth areas was in tech for good, with new apps and online services helping society's most vulnerable.'

Great technology can be used to benefit humankind and put social good at the heart of the agenda.

Technology can play a truly transformative role in improving our lives for the better, whether it be an autonomous car that improves a disabled person’s independence, a digital platform that makes raising money for exceptional community projects easier, an online teaching academy that inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs, or a health app that helps you make lifestyle changes that prevent serious health problems. Tech that transforms lives needs greater prominence and support if it is to fulfil its potential.

According to the Global Impact Investment forum, investment in social enterprise is on the increase as it embraces highly diversified sectors with long term benefits socially and financially. The perfect time to be involved is now.